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External Monitor In Fujitsu® LIFEBOOK® T730

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To connect your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 tablet PC to an external monitor

External monitors for connecting to Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 tablet PCs will come in handy when the need to run presentations or even entertainment content like movies for groups arises. The requirement for tablet PC displays on large screens is varied, but there is always a demand for quality, which has made high definition content display popular. The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 tablet PC provides the interface options for enhanced display capabilities on external monitors.

To learn more about the external monitors in Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 tablet PCs, it is important to keep in mind the following points:

  • Connecting to an external monitor
  • Tips to keep in mind while connecting to an external monitor
  • Common issues when connecting to external monitors and solutions

Connecting to an external monitor

Most eternal monitors will connect to your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 tablet PC via its VGA port, which appears at the back. You should simply start the tablet PC then connect the VGA adapter cable to your tablet PCs VGA port. The VGA port however, is not automatically enabled so it will take your action to send a signal output through it. To do this you will use a magic keystroke, which for your tablet PC will be Fn + CRT/LCD. You will start by holding down the Fn key before pressing CRT/LCD key. After pressing be patient and wait for about 5 seconds or even up to 10 seconds before the display switches to the external monitor.

Tips to keep in mind while connecting to an external monitor

Remember it’s important to be patient after making the magic keystroke as there may be a delay before the monitor syncs with your tablet PC. Pressing the keys repeatedly cycles the display through a series of combinations. For instance, making the magic keystroke the first time may allow display on both the LCD and the external monitor. Pressing for the second time may mean display on the external monitor only. A third time may mean the LCD display only. A forth time, may mean both screens displaying, but forming part of a larger virtual desktop where the LCD may display the right side and the external monitor display the left side.

Common issues when connecting to external monitors and solutions

Sometimes the external screen may not display until you adjust the display properties on your tablet PC. Change the screen resolution settings starting with the reasonably lower ones. 1024 x 768 pixels and 32 bit color quality settings may be appropriate in most cases. Sometimes the VGA cables develop problems that require replacements. Display drivers also tend to fail in which case they need reinstallation.


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