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Touchpad In Fujitsu® LIFEBOOK AH550

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Software issues with touchpad in Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550 comes with Intel Core i3-330m processor and Windows 7 Operating System. It has a wide and LED back-lit display. It has a memory of 4GB and a storage capacity of 500GB. Its keyboard is easy to use and touchpad is with multi-touch capabilities. Touchpad can be used as a substitute for mouse and it converts the motion of our fingers to corresponding motion of cursor on the screen. The touchpad for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550 is extremely sensitive and it has a medium size. The size of touchpad limits its precision. Touch pad of Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550 also supports circular scrolling.

Some issues that could come in touchpad software of Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550 and tips to resolve them are given below:

  • Problems while selecting a text
  • Double clicking of cursor
  • Touchpad driver issues

Problems while selecting a text

If you are trying to select a text item, sometimes there might be problems with the touchpad. It might not select the text and sometimes move some other icon. It can also happen during a long click on the touchpad. This problem could be resolved by doing small modifications to the settings. Change of settings could be done from the touchpad settings of control panel in the start menu.

Double clicking of cursor

Sometimes due to the problems of the touchpad software you could see the cursor jumping or it is double-clicking by itself. This problem could be solved by adjusting the sensitivity of the touchpad. You could adjust the touchpad sensitivity by changing the settings from the control panel of start menu. This problem is also caused by the grease build upon the touchpad. In such case, rub your touchpad with alcohol to solve the problem.

Touchpad driver issues

The touchpad of Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH550 sometimes fails to respond. It might be due to the touchpad driver issues. Update your touchpad driver by downloading from manufacturer’s website and install it properly. Sometimes you might have locked your touchpad so that it could not function properly. This could be solved by unlocking the touchpad with the correct key combination. If your touchpad is not responding ensure whether you have enabled the settings for touchpad. If it is not enabled go to control panel and enable the settings.

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